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About Shawn and Rosa Wyse, Realtors®

Shawn and Rosa Wyse, Realtors®
We have been in real estate for thirteen years. We love our job, and wouldn't trade it for anything else. We are a "people" person and enjoy getting to know clients, asking questions, and finding out what their needs and wants are.

One of the best parts of our job is the ability to help others. Having a home is one of the best achievements in a person's life and probably the biggest asset in their portfolio. Knowing that we were a part of making this happen for someone and seeing the joy on their face means the world to us!

When we deal with first-time homebuyers or even experienced ones, we always put our "teacher" hat on. We absolutely love explaining the buying process and guiding them along the way. Having an agent by their side is the best thing that home buyers can do. The agent's number one priority is their clients' best interest! Looking at houses, setting appointments are only some of the steps in buying a home. There is so much involved and having a professional by your side is well worth it...AND it's FREE!

Sellers have already experienced homeowners but still, need someone to sell their home and make sure they get the most money for it. Not only do we perform a market analysis for them, we gather as much information about the home and any updates that have occurred since they have lived there. All this information will help any potential buyers coming through the door learn more about the house and appreciate it's value.

Whether it's a buyer or seller, our number one priority is always the client! Open communication and getting information to him or her is most important! It is crucial in this business to make sure all parties involved are on the same page!